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20 de Março de 2017, 16:57 , por Ana Elisa Rocha - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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The Scientific Mobilization Week - SEMOC - is an activity promoted annually by the Catholic University of Salvador (UCSal), integrating the regular schedule of the academic calendar activities. SEMOC series has generated important developments to strengthen the academic ambience, among which includes the stimulation of awareness and mobilization of several segments of the university community, with repercussions on production and socialization of scientific research, exchange of cultural activities and joint between academic units and between different institutions. On this traditional annual event, professors, students, staff and researchers carry out various activities around the selected themes, including conferences, round tables, discussions, work presentations, workshops and cultural activities. The succession of central themes of the series SEMOC demonstrates a logical sequence and translator of privileged credit for UCSal. Outlined in the express concerns about social issues and basic principles of universal nature, it is structured in this way, with the institutional pedagogic proposal, but also shows the tendency to put at the center of debates, issues of broad scope and interdisciplinary approach. The institutional culture of integration of different areas of knowledge underpins the academic portfolio of UCSal. For the twentieth edition SEMOC, the event brings as central theme "Health, Technologies and Human Development", which makes it possible to experience the indivisibility of teaching, research and extension and between the major areas of knowledge - exact, health and human. This theme syncs well with the institutional policy of guided agendas that favor reflections of social relevance, that are innovative and effective in view of solutions to real problems that affect human life.